Saturday, December 19, 2009

how can i be a muslim?

Our religion, Islam, is very simple. Islam, in Arabic, means complete submission to Allah. We believe in one God Who sent messengers to tell people about Him. The last Messenger is Mouhammad, peace be on him, his book is the Qur'an and his message is Islam. Islam asks us to think, acquire knowledge, and do good deeds including the Ten Commandments of Moses. it also asks us to do five things: the first is to bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Mohamed is his Messenger; the second is to pray five times a day; the third is to fast the month of Ramadan; the fourth is to give alms to poor; and the fifth is to do our pilgrimage to Mecca if we can.
first: believe and say "their is no god but allah and mohamed is a messenger of god" ;
believe and say (musa, the christ (isa), ibrahim, noah,
Dawood, Suleiman, Ismail, Saleh, Younis, Hood, Lot and ...): "are just messengers of god", they are not gods, they are not sons of god, we "me and you and all humans" are not sons of god and god is not like any thing could our brain thinking in .
believe in their is a paradise and their is a hell
believe in allah, his angels, his books and his messengers
believe in the destiny both its good and its evil
...that things you must believe all over your life and after death you will not just believe you will see by your eyes .

second: be areal muslim ;
by praying, fasting, your mother your father never and never and never be bad with them never rise your voice on them , dont tell lie , dont be dishonest and
know that allah is the most nearest one to you all over the time
and know if allah was with you ...who is against you??
and if allah was against you ....who is with you??.

you would say i cant believe
...i would just tell you looking around you and see the right that the right cant never be invisible see allah from his creatures
in Quran allah order us not to stay worshiping him in our houses or mosques No!! he order us to go walking in the planet looking to the plants, the animals, the seas and every thing and he also order us to search in the earth to know how the creature has started and order us to search in our bodies to know that their is a god who mastered every thing and to know too that our knowledge is nothing in his knowledge .
my proof is
if allah "god" be every thing to your hart, you will find allah in your life
thank you :)

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